Celebrating a Long Journey!


On February 10th, 2012, Girls In Real Life launched our (first ever made) magazine 29TH GENERATION and hosted a community dialogue! The event itself took place at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, upon Coast Salish Territories.

The launch kick-started off with performances and presentations from the G.I.R.L. participants. Through reading excerpts from the magazine, telling stories, and using spoken word poetry, the girls showcased what they’ve learned, what they’re passionate about, and what they’ve done to address the issues to their community. Their presentations were powerful, tapping into our deepest emotions, leaving us feeling moved, touched, shocked, proud, and inspired. We’ve been working with these girls for one full year now, from running the actual program to the 8 month phase of magazine making, and this moment officially marks the end of the Girls In Real Life (first cohort) program and the launch of the 29th GENERATION magazine! It’s been a huge privilege working with these girls, and we could not be any more proud.

The second phase of our event consisted of a community dialogue. Here, we sat in break-out groups and discussed an issue that we as youth and young women, feel is the most important. From some of our own experiences, we find it difficult to openly discuss with our family about certain issues, whether this be around pursuing our real passions, sexuality, experiences of exclusion, feeling anxiety or stress, and so on. Because of this, we wanted to bring this discussion to the community, and raise the question about inter-generational and intercultural communication barriers.

With the many diverse perspectives and voices in the room, the dialogue that occurred was extremely rich and inspiring. We shared with each other the reasons why these communication barriers are formed, and how can we address them as a community. The insight from the different generations in the room, was incredible. And the presence of the entire community there, was powerful.

We’d like to personally thank everyone who attended the event, everyone who volunteered for the event, everyone who supported this project, and everyone who funded this project. We realized the power of community voices coming together, and look forward to seeing everyone come together again in the future!

Below are some photos from the event (taken by Kevin Liu):

For more specific thank-yous or to find more about the amazing people and organizations who supported this project, please click here.
AANNNDDD for the online version of the magazine, please click here:

Much much love,

Neelam Khare and Peggy Lam


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